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Making Your Own Black Light Paint

Ever heard of black light paint? Well, this kind of paint glows because of its fluorescent nature. One of the properties of fluorescent materials is that theyblacklight paint absorb ultraviolet light that is normally invisible. This kind of light is emitted by black light. These materials will then shine the light in the visible spectrum. Normally, the colour of the glow will depend on the pigment that is in the paint. If the colour is bright, the glow will be quite bright. Darker shades on their part will glow when they are in the dark. The good thing is that you can make your own black light paint.

You need a brightening agent, water and a bowl. Put the brightening agent that is in powder form in the bowl containing water and stir. Put in as much of the agent as can dissolve in the water. Get some water based paints like the poster paints. You can then turn off the lights and instead turn on black light. Check to see if the paint is glowing all ready because many of these paints are fluorescent.

Just in case the paint is not fluorescent or the glow is mild and you want it brighter, you can stir a few more drops of the brightening agent in. Ensure that you mix thoroughly. Once you have done that, look at it again under black light. Repeat the process until you are pleased with the glow or up to that point where mixing more of the agent does not make it bright. Did you know that a number of oil based paints can be made black light paint? What you need to do is mix the brightening agent that is in powder form directly so that you do not have to mix it into water first.


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