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Great Tips on Paint Colours and the Moods They Elicit

A great and affordable way to give your rooms an attractive look is by updating them with paint. When you combine the paint colorsright colours, you can make your room to look bigger. Besides, paint colours can really affect someone’s mood and have a lasting impact on them. Here are tips on paint colours and the moods they can cause.

Primary Colours

If you have to paint children’s rooms, then primary colours would do the trick. This is because they are bright, informal and casual. To give a room a quick boost, you can use a primary colour to paint an accent wall.

Pastels and Neutrals

If you would like to create a sense of calmness and space, then these are the right colours to use. Neutral colours are popularly used and they can go well with nearly every decor style. They can also create an atmosphere of tranquillity.

Blue and White

The serenity and tranquility of an ocean is the mood that blue and white create. Most people prefer using blue for the bedroom because it is calm and cool and it fosters serenity.

Deep and Rich Colours

These colours complement well with any dark wood furniture. They also create a crisp and elegant for the room. These colours elicit a sensual effect as well. Most people prefer rich and deep colours in their master bedrooms and there are various accessories in the stores to match with deep coloured bedrooms. These include pillows, dark sheets and blankets.

Black and White

These colour schemes particularly, the contrasting white and black schemes, work well in those rooms that have simple furnishings but with a sophisticated feel. These colours work well in a modern bathroom or kitchen.

Earthy Tones

These tones create a sensual and warm atmosphere, which makes them work well for the kitchens and bedrooms. The kitchen is among the popular rooms in the home, so you should make them as warm and welcoming as you can.


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